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About Us

The Rose B. Johnson Colon Cancer Awareness Foundation (RBJCCAF) was founded in 2013, by Rose Johnson. The organization is registered as a 501(C) (3) non-profit, public charity.  Rose recognized the increasing need for public awareness about this highly preventable disease, colon cancer.

Our mission is to provide education, information, and heighten public awareness about the nation’s 2nd deadliest form of cancer. We are dedicated to reducing the incidences and mortality rates by collaborating with strategic partners and discovering new opportunities to serve the community in the fight against colon cancer. We strive to meet the needs of people who may be affected by this disease, especially those from underinsured, underserved and rural communities,  who may not have access to colon cancer screening.

Although colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in men and women, if caught early, it is often preventable. The RBJCCAF is committed to breaking the silence about colon cancer, and offers education, information, and awareness that “Screenings Saves Lives”.  We promote the importance of early detection, and colon cancer screenings, as well as offer financial support to qualified candidates who may need a colonoscopy.

Our organization provides education to the community and promotes awareness across various audiences throughout the Houston metropolitan area and surrounding counties.  RBJCCAF delivers information and awareness at educational lunch & learns, seminars, workshops, and keynote addresses.  We collaborate with local government officials, community centers, neighborhood clinics, churches, and local schools.

As the nation approaches a most critical time, whereby colon cancer is affecting those 45 years old and younger, it is vital that we continue to spread awareness and the good news that colon cancer can be prevented, if caught early.

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